Sunday, 3 November 2013

Kickarse Sunday

     Today is Kickarse Sunday.

     I slept really badly last night. Much, much worse than is normal for me. No idea why, although the appearance of The Rage may have been a factor in this (I'd planned to cook a dinner that required bacon rashers. Alistair instead bought cooking bacon - the weird chunks and chops of bacon offcuts that are quite offputting and too anatomical at times). I stayed up too late, tried to sleep, failed, came back downstairs and tried to doze off with the news on in the background. Then I got up at 03:00, pottered around for a bit, went back to bed, slept fitfully for a bit, then The Girl woke me at five because she was 'HUNGRAY, MUMMAY!'

     As a result I've imbibed far too much coffee to legitimately describe myself as human this morning. If you cut me, I shall bleed pure Alta Rica. And yet, I daren't sit down for too long because if I do, I shall surely allow my eyelids to rest 'just for a moment' and will awaken two hours later, cold, a trail of dribble on my chin and two Blondies who will have turned feral. Also, tomorrow is Back To School. Which means I can have a day of writing, all to myself.

     But in order to do that, I must first purge myself of guilt at being self-indulgent tomorrow. So today is cleaning, cooking, checking uniforms, checking homework, tidying, playing shops with The Girl and talking to The Boy. In order to summon up the energy for this, I need music to get me in the right mood. So the playlist is set to 'Please grant me the energy and motivation to get through today.' And the very first song on that?

     This completely kickarse anthem:


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