Friday, 4 April 2014

Thank you

     A short one. Just a thank you really, to anyone who’s ever taken a few minutes of time to read the rambling and confused thoughts of an unemployable twatty blogger who is trying to make sense of things with two Blondies in tow. The blog passed something of a milestone overnight, and I’m still quite stunned to think that so much has changed in less than a year, just from one small thing.

     I’d like to say more than that, I’d like to be more eloquent and articulate, and let you know how touched I am whenever someone gets in touch to say they enjoyed reading something on here. It means more than I can say. Unfortunately, a mix up between GP and chemist means I’ve had a pretty rough week. A fucking horrific week, actually, involving cold turkey withdrawal from anti-depressants. I do not recommend this. But it has reminded me that in the same way that someone can be an alcoholic despite not drinking for twenty years, I have depression, BUT  I’m not depressed now. So I have two things to be thankful for. This blog, and a mind that’s no longer mired in misery.

     And you guys, of course. You don’t know the difference you’ve made. I'll shut up now before I make myself cry.


Steph @ said...

Lovely post lady. And I'm sorry you've had a shitty week, but that you can see a bright side is good in itself - when you're depressed there is no bright side!

Lucy Benedict said...

Exactly, my lovely. But the weekend is upon us, the Easter holidays are here, and I have my prescription. I also have some amazing and fab people online x

Sam said...

I think you are always pretty eloquent and articulate Lucy. Sorry about your bad week - hope things are getting better now. X